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How Does the Mold Inspection Process Work?

Are you concerned about mold in your home? Did you recently experience water damage, potentially promoting the growth of mold? Or maybe you’re considering purchasing a new home and want to verify whether mold is present. Whatever has you Googling “mold inspection,” let Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections walk you through what to expect during a mold inspection.

1. You find a home inspector & schedule a mold inspection.

Find a local, reliable mold inspection company, like Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections of San Jose, and make an appointment. Be sure to mention why you want a mold inspection.

2. The mold inspector arrives & sets up.

When the mold inspector comes to your home, he or she will have a bit of setting up to do. Wall 2 Wall uses specialized equipment built to detect mold in all areas of the home.

3. Air samples are collected & sent to the lab.

The mold inspector will gather air samples both indoors and outdoors. These air samples are then sent to a specialized lab, which will then give Wall 2 Wall a report of the findings.

4. The mold inspector shares the findings.

When we get the lab report, we make sure to share the report with you and talk about the findings. If mold is determined to be present in the home, we can help you find a mold-remediation service in the area.

You don’t want to let mold linger in your home, allowing it time and space to spread. If you suspect the presence of mold, call a mold inspector today to schedule an appointment.

Residents or home-buyers in the San Jose, CA area can contact us at Wall 2 Wall—an InterNACHI® Mold Inspector™ Certified company. Give us a call at (408) 905-9255 to ask about our mold inspection or other home inspection services.

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