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Invest in a Healthy Home with a Professional Mold Inspection

Before buying a home in San Jose, invest in a mold inspection from Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections. Our certified inspectors are trained to point out mold-prone areas in the home and detect mold growth. With the help of our home inspectors, you can ensure the health and safety of your family for years to come.

Invest in a Healthy Home with a Professional Mold Inspection

Why Invest in a Mold Inspection?

Of all the expenses that accompany purchasing a new home, why pay for a mold inspection? Mold, unfortunately, is often easily hidden from potential buyers and can be extremely dangerous to your health. While mold spores are everywhere, a high concentration of spores can lead to irritation of the eyes, skin, and throat, and induce asthma attacks. Furthermore, if unchecked, mold can cause irreparable damage to your home and require expensive remediation.

Where Does Mold Grow?

Mold spores are present both indoors and outdoors, but they only grow when exposed to moisture. Therefore, mold can grow anywhere moisture is present, including bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and attics. Homes that have been unoccupied for a period of time or that have sustained water damage from leaks or flooding, are especially prone to mold growth.

Mold Testing and Inspections

Fortunately, our mold testing and inspection process is rather simple. The inspector will thoroughly assess your home for risk factors and signs of mold. They will collect samples inside and outside of the home, and send them away for testing. While mold growth is not always visible, our lab results will determine the type and quantity of mold spores present in the home. If detected, we can recommend companies that perform mold remediation.

Eliminate Risk Factors

Because mold requires moisture to grow, it is important to control the humidity in your home. Use dehumidifiers in your basement, and run air conditioning during the summer months. Also, make sure your kitchen, laundry area, and bathrooms are properly vented. Additionally, repair HVAC, roof, and plumbing leaks as quickly as possible, and dry out affected areas immediately.

Don’t Risk It

Learning that your new home or business is riddled with mold can be devastating. Don’t take the risk. Instead, allow the experts at Wall 2 Wall perform an in-depth assessment of the property and provide the information you need to make a wise investment. To schedule a mold inspection, contact us today at (888) 991-9255, or request an inspection online.

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