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Lead Paint Testing

Home should be a safe, nurturing place for your family. Some homes, however, could contain hazardous levels of lead in the paint — especially if the structure was built before 1978. Safeguard everyone’s health by scheduling lead testing with Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections in San Jose, CA. We serve homes and businesses in Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, and the surrounding areas.

Contact us at (888) 779-1750 to schedule a lead test. We can also conduct this specialized service during a full home inspection or an industrial building inspection.

How a Lead Inspection Works

Since lead is a serious health hazard, it’s crucial to let certified professionals handle lead paint testing. Some stores sell lead-testing kits, but the results aren’t entirely reliable. Instead of taking the risk, enlist the help of Wall 2 Wall. We follow several standards and procedures to ensure safety and accuracy.

When testing for lead we use many methods:

  • Visually examining the condition and location of paint
  • Using a portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) machine
  • Conducting a lab test on paint samples
  • Doing a surface-dust test

Contact us today, and we’ll customize a test for your San Jose property.

Lead Paint Test San Jose

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The Importance of Testing for Lead Paint

Frequent exposure to lead paint can result in lead poisoning, an illness that has stunted the growth and damaged the nervous systems and brains of many children and adults.

Unfortunately, many Americans are still living and working in lead-filled environments. The following facts are from a chart titled, “Prevent Childhood Lead Poisoning” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • 24 million homes in the U.S. contain deteriorated lead-based paint and elevated levels of lead-contaminated house dust.
  • 535,000 U.S. children ages 1 to 5 years have blood lead levels high enough to damage their health.

A lead paint inspection is a fast and affordable way to put safety first. Call Wall 2 Wall at (888) 779-1750 to schedule an appointment. We also offer mold spore testing and infrared imaging inspections in Fremont, CA; Hayward, CA; and the surrounding areas. Make sure to read our reviews and learn more about us.