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The Hazards of Lead-Based Paint

If you’ve recently sold or purchased a home in California, you know that a form or two (or seven) mention the hazards of lead-based paint. Perhaps you even purchased a lead paint testing service prior to purchasing or listing the property. But have you ever wondered just why the presence of lead paint is concerning? Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections helps answer some of your questions.

A Bit O’ History

If your San Jose home was built before 1978, experts agree that it’s very likely your home would have had lead-based paint on your interior walls. However, in 1978, upon discovering the health concerns surrounding lead, the federal government passed legislation making this paint illegal. Then, in 1992, Congress passed a Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act, which required that sellers or landlords disclose the presence of lead in a property to the new occupants prior to the sale or signed lease.

The Health Concerns of Lead

Lead is an element that forms naturally in the earth. While lead has its purposes in nature and other beneficial uses, regular lead exposure to humans and animals can be detrimental to one’s health. Research indicates that the presence of lead in a home could pass on to your body, potentially affecting your organs or systems. Children and women who are pregnant are especially susceptible to the effects of lead, especially if exposed over longer periods of time.

Lead Paint Testing

If you’re thinking about buying a property built before 1978 (or if you just want to set your mind at ease), homebuyers are encouraged to do lead paint testing with the home inspection, prior to signing on the dotted line. At Wall 2 Wall, we do lead paint testing as part of a full home inspection or as a specialty service. Unlike a lead test you might buy over the counter, our trained and certified home inspection team uses multiple methods for detecting lead in a home.

Wall 2 Wall wants to make sure you and your family stay safe in your current or future home. To ask about our lead paint testing or to schedule an inspection, contact Wall 2 Wall at (408) 905-9255. We serve the greater Santa Clara County area.

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