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Certified Home Inspection

Hire a Triple-Certified Home Inspector before Buying a Home in San Jose

When purchasing a home, you want to know that you are making a wise investment. At Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections in San Jose, we are committed to providing the highest quality of inspections. We raise the bar through extensive training and education. Check out our certifications below:

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Home Inspection

Building Inspection Services That Go Above and Beyond Industry Standards

At Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections, we provide unparalleled home inspection services to the greater San Jose area. Our inspectors have more than 30 years of cumulative experience and several certifications, including the title of Certified Master Inspectors®. Each home inspection includes an extensive list of benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

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Pest Inspection

4 Property Inspection Issues Home Buyers Shouldn’t Ignore

Whether you are buying or selling your San Jose property, you don’t want to blindly enter the process. At Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections, we provide the information you need to proceed with confidence. In addition to performing residential and commercial property inspections, our team is also certified to perform specialized evaluations of 4 issues […]

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Top 3 Tips for San Jose Home Buyers

Buying a new home in the San Jose area can be a stressful experience. First, you have to find the right house and make an offer. If the offer is accepted, then you have to go about securing your financing and making sure everything is in order. Then there’s the home inspection. You fret about […]

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3 Reasons to Get Lead Paint Testing

If you’ve bought a house or you’re in the process of buying a house in San Jose, CA, you know that one of the many documents you have to read and sign is the lead-based paint disclosure. Hopefully, your realtor explained this document and what it means about the house you’re purchasing. However, if things […]

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Protect Your Health with Mold Testing

When you’re purchasing a new home, you have about a thousand different things to consider. You have your wish list of things to find in a house, you’re thinking about packing, and you are trying to get all your financials in order. You have picked a house you love, and you’re ready to keep moving […]

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The Value of Radon Testing

Most San Jose homebuyers understand that before purchasing a property, a thorough home inspection is essential to the process. However, what not all buyers consider is the value of a radon inspection. While radon testing isn’t typically included in a regular home inspection, our crew at Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections urges you to consider adding […]

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How To Know if a Home Has Termites

Many San Jose homebuyers fear termite damage in their new homes. Termites can cause significant damage that you can’t see, so you want to know whether the property shows signs of these pests. But just how can you know whether the property has termites or termite damage? Let our crew at Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections […]

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Why Get a Home Inspection?

When you purchase a new home in San Jose, you can easily get overwhelmed by all the expenses. From renting a moving truck to electric or gas hookup, these expenses seem small in comparison to your home’s price tag, but they can add up quickly. Like many home buyers, you may be looking for ways […]

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San Jose Commercial Property Inspection

You’ve made the decision to purchase a property for your San Jose business. As a business owner, we understand what a big investment that is. To protect you and your business, be sure you choose a property inspector who can help you determine whether the building is best for your business. With a commercial inspection […]

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