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Top 3 Tips for San Jose Home Buyers

Home Buying TipsBuying a new home in the San Jose area can be a stressful experience. First, you have to find the right house and make an offer. If the offer is accepted, then you have to go about securing your financing and making sure everything is in order. Then there’s the home inspection. You fret about what will show up and whether all your dreams of home ownership will crumble (along with the back porch).

At Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections, we want to help California home buyers all we can. While residential inspections and other specialty inspections are our main priority, we have learned a thing or two in the 1,000+ inspections we’ve completed in the San Jose area. Here are just a few pieces of wisdom we’d like to pass along to you, hoping they’ll ease your real-estate anxiety.

1. Take your time.

The real-estate market can move quickly, and home buyers often feel the pressure of making decisions faster than they might like. Even though some decisions come with a deadline, take your time. If you have 24 hours to respond, then by all means use it. Buying a home is a big deal, and you don’t want to second guess yourself because you rushed into it.

2. Find a good realtor.

A good realtor will do the bulk of the work for you and will be your main support person through the process. He or she will be on your team, understanding your needs and your budget and helping you find just the right house. So be sure to choose someone who is reputable and who you can easily communicate with.

3. Never skip the home inspection.

If you’re in negotiations, resist the urge to waive the home inspection. The inspection is there to protect you and to help you know everything you can about the property before you legally purchase it. Plus, if any problems arise, the inspection report is your main tool for renegotiating the purchase price or repairs with the seller. Don’t cripple yourself by skipping this important part of the home-buying process.

Do you have more questions about getting a home inspection? Contact our team anytime at (408) 905-9255. We’d be glad to help ease your concerns and make your home-buying experience a bit easier. Our team serves the home buyers in and around Santa Clara County and San Mateo County, CA.


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