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Don’t Be Fooled by These 3 Home Inspection Myths

When buying a home, finding the right home inspector is critical in making sure you know exactly what you’re buying. A licensed and experienced home inspector can save you thousands of dollars and, at a minimum, can help ease your fears of buying the house you love but know little about. Home inspections can be overwhelming for many people, so it is important to find an inspector you trust and to educate yourself on common issues. While calling Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections is a good start, there are three myths you need to be aware of before arriving at the closing table.

Home Inspection Myths

1. The Seller Will Fix This

For the most part, the seller isn’t obligated to fix anything. The buyer can ask the seller to fix issues uncovered in an inspection, but the buyer can agree to fix whatever they want. This can come as a shock if you aren’t mentally prepared for a negative response to your requests.

2. New Construction Homes Don’t Need Inspections

You would think that a new construction home would be in tiptop shape with no issues, but a qualified home inspector should still be utilized prior to closing. Whether it’s an uneven slope, improper drainage, or faulty ductwork, issues like these can be easily identified by an inspector and will oftentimes be fixed with little hassle from the builder.

3. Buyers Should Only Attend the End of the Inspection

You have every right, as the buyer, to attend the inspection from start to finish. The inspector will often share thoughts and perspectives on-site that are hard to communicate in an inspection report and can help you gauge how big a deal a finding is or isn’t.

You’ve found the perfect house, agreed upon a price, and have started mentally filling your new home with your furniture. Don’t let an unforeseen issue derail all of your plans. Contact Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections at (408) 905-9255, or schedule online and let us put your mind at ease during your next home inspection.

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