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Water is a Home’s Biggest Adversary

Keeping your house dry in all areas requires attention to detail and a maintenance schedule to keep up your home’s water defenses.

Avoiding Water in Your Home

Roofs, siding, flashing, skylights, windows and any penetration through them are potential avenues for water to enter your home. Gutters move water away from your foundation so that water doesn’t damage your foundation. There are many preventive measures to take to prevent water damage, and they are generally less costly then replacing major components of your home.

Plus once water gets in, rot and mold can go unnoticed for a long time.

Mold and Rot from Water Damage

This can lead to structural and health problems for home owners the longer the problem goes on. Pay attention to your home and make sure it is being maintained to keep you healthy, safe and protect your investment. Not many want to buy a home that was not maintained well by the previous owner. Here is an article from the Wausau Daily Herald that discusses more about water issues in the home.

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