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The 4-1-1 on Lead Paint Testing

Many homebuyers looking in the San Jose, CA area are looking for homes built before the 1980s—and for good reason. Old homes are often filled with character and sturdy construction often unmatched by today’s standards. However, homebuyers also need to be aware that many homes built before 1978 often contain lead-based paint, which is why it’s important to work with a certified home inspector like Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections.

Lead-based paint is no longer used in modern homes because lead was found to be a health hazard, especially with children. According to HUD, lead itself is a very toxic metal that can cause lead poisoning when absorbed into the body. It’s been known to cause damage to the brain and other vital organs. Therefore, homebuyers are urged to get lead paint testing on any pre-1978 home they want to purchase.

Lead paint testing involves a few different steps to check for the presence of lead. First, our certified inspectors begin with a visual inspection of the home’s paint. Then, they use a portable X-ray fluorescence machine to examine what the eyes alone cannot detect. From there, we conduct a lab test on paint samples and do a thorough surface dust test.

If we find lead during any of these steps, our building inspectors will let you know immediately. You can then work with your realtor to decide whether to proceed with purchasing the property or to move on to find another home.

Don’t take a chance when it comes to your family’s health. In addition to a regular home inspection, be sure to also schedule lead paint testing on any property built before 1978. To schedule your lead paint testing or ask additional questions about our residential inspection services, contact Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections at (408) 905-9255.

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