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The Many Benefits of San Jose Infrared Inspection

There are several tools in the home inspection arsenal that a professional can employ to ensure your property inspection is as accurate as possible. Today we’ll discuss how a San Jose infrared inspection (or thermal imaging inspection) can help you get a complete 360° view so that you can make an informed decision on buying or selling residential or commercial properties.

Below is a quick look at just some of the benefits that come with scheduling a thermal imaging inspection from the San Jose infrared inspection professionals of Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections.

Noninvasive: One of the first benefits of infrared inspection that most homeowners appreciate is that it’s a noninvasive process. Hidden maladies within any given structure can sometimes go unnoticed until the property is being remodeled or renovated. Infrared inspections with thermal imaging can help you discover any hidden, property-value-diminishing issues before signing on the dotted line.

Leave No Stone Unturned: When coupled with other inspection services, an infrared inspection can provide San Jose homeowners and potential buyers with a more accurate idea of the property’s energy efficiency. With the use of thermal imaging equipment, an expert inspector will be able to detect and point out insulation defects, moisture intrusion and accumulation, air leaks in ducts and siding, and much more. An infrared inspection can pick up on a lot of issues that the naked eye just won’t be able to find.

Peace of Mind: The peace of mind provided by such a thorough inspection is immeasurable. With a detailed thermal image of a given property, current owners or prospective buyers will have a complete view of the building’s efficiency levels and structural integrity. Utilizing high-tech devices like thermal imaging equipment is an ideal way for property owners to keep up-to-date on their property’s overall health and for buyers to get a comprehensive vision of their potential purchase.

Next time you want an incredibly thorough assessment of your property, contact Wall 2 Wall at (408) 905-9255. From residential and commercial checks to specialty inspections like our mold and San Jose infrared inspection services, we will be more than happy to handle any project you throw our way.

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