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3 Signs Your Home May Need Mold Testing

Whether you’re in the process of buying a house or you’re already a homeowner, you need to know the telltale signs that your home may have a mold issue. We at Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections of San Jose, CA want to help you tackle mold before it takes over, so check out these common signs or symptoms of mold.

1. Water Damage

Did your home recently experience water damage due to flooding or a leaky pipe? Significant water issues like these can cause mold to grow quickly and sometimes without notice. We recommend that you schedule mold testing if your property or potential property recently suffered water damage (or if you suspect it).

2. Poor Ventilation

If your building inspector indicates poor ventilation in one or more areas of the house, you may want to get mold testing. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that indoor humidity be no higher than 30 to 60 percent in order to limit mold growth. Bad ventilation can cause humidity levels to exceed these recommended levels.

3. Health Concerns

The presence of mold can cause health issues. If you’ve noticed that you, a friend, or family member seems to have a runny nose, wheezing, itchy eyes, or an asthma attack when in your home, you may want to get a mold inspection. That way, you can begin mold remediation and reduce indoor health concerns.

Do you have additional questions about mold? Ready to schedule a mold inspection? Contact Wall 2 Wall Property Inspections today at (408) 905-9255. We can set up a time to do mold testing as a specialty inspection or as part of a home inspection.

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